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* Effective June 25, 2021. Runway designations changed due to shifting of the earth's magnetic north pole.

The pattern from both directions is north of the runway over the river valley because of the high ground on the south side of the runway. The runway is 6,700 feet long by 75 feet wide. There are windsocks on the left (south side of the runway) near the 28 end; on the right (north side) midway between the end of 28 and the taxiway turn off; and a lighted windsock and segmented circle on the north side of the runway near the west (10) end of the runway.

KDUB Runway 28 Approach & Landing

The down wind in the pattern is out over the river valley north of the airport, because of the high ground on the south side. The landing and taxi are on Runway 28 to the taxiway turn off to go to the refueling point and the ramp.